Products, Hardware

Balewa distributes the specially developed plastic modules of the Basel chemical industry to efficiently wash and clean industrial gases, aerosols and fumes. Balewa is able to support you in your engineering activities, as e.g. for lay-out or dimensioning questions about how to remove dusts and particles or how to install the scrubber components, thanks to Balewa’s competence to analyse and solve challenges in the field of industrial air treatment as well as to a broad contact to operators of different installations

Our hardware units for the wet scrubbing of air and off gases consists of Hedgehog packing material, which allows a highly efficient mass transfer of many gaseous off gas components into the scrubbing liquids, the highly efficient droplet separator, as well as the unique Ring-Jet to remove particulates, dusts and aerosols.

Hedgehog Packing as column packing material for scrubbers

Droplet separator

Ring-Jet Aerosol removal Unit